Amelia Island Soapery

Amelia Island Soapery was founded on Amelia Island, Florida, in a beautiful beach house in the heart of Amelia Island's town of Fernandina Beach. The island lifestyle is slower and simpler, and we reflect this attitude in our business. The doors are always open and we are best known for the bubbles that flow from the porch down the street carrying the smells of the handmade products being made inside.  

Amelia Island Soapery is a charming and welcoming boutique where you will find a huge assortment of all of your favorite bath & body products. All of our products are handmade with fragrances that you will surely fall in love with and won't be able to live without. We pride ourselves on using natural ingredients that you can trust are good for you.  

In an effort to preserve the beach ecosystem we love so much, Amelia Island Soapery aims to use as little packaging as possible for our products. What packaging we do use is recyclable and refillable.  

To encourage reuse, we offer a discount when you bring in your empty containers to be refilled. We believe the planet is ours to maintain and protect so we give a portion of our profits to Ocean clean up organizations and Ocean Coral protection organizations.

As we expand to multiple locations, our goal is to bring the beach to you. We want every bath, shower, or self care moment you take to transport you to the quaint little tropical island where it all started.  

When you shop at any of our locations, including Amelia Island, we want you to know that you are truly supporting a small business. We are not a large chain of corporately owned stores. Each location is independently owned and operated by an individual, or a family, so you are truly shopping with the owners of that store. Your purchase is supporting an entrepreneurial dream, and changing their lives, just as our products will surely change yours.