Body, Heart & Soul 2019

Classen Curve is thrilled to host Body, Heart & Soul 2019 - an annual fundraiser brought to you by CycleBar and Union Performance. This year, all proceeds will benefit A Cure for Clark. 

Join us for a hydrid workout  - 25 minutes of spin PLUS 25 minutes of HIIT. It's exactly what you need for a full body burn as we come together to sweat for a cause. 

If you aren't wanting to sweat that day, don't worry! We will have something for everyone - kids included. And this event is also dog-friendly!

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased using this link: TICKETS

A Cure for Clark, Inc. is a registered 501 (c)(3) a non- profit organization, whose mission is to raise awareness of rare genetic diseases, such as MMA, and advance the use of gene therapy as a curative treatment. Their goal is to raise funds to support cutting edge gene therapy research and to promote clinical trials for patients suffering from rare diseases.

Meet Clark. At 30 days old, he was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease that makes his body unable to break down certain proteins. The protein, that comes through food and nutrition that is required to live, builds up as an acid in the blood and wreaks havoc on his little body. Despite his medical issues, Clark is a happy, sweet, 5 year old little boy that changes the life of everyone that he meets.

A Cure for Clark is dedicated to funding research that could eventually lead to a cure so that Clark, and other children like him will be able to live long and healthy lives. Your donation will be directly sent to Dr. Charles Venditti's team at NIH, where they are currently working toward gene therapy human trials that may be able to save Clark and other children some day!

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