Have you noticed a mural going up on the walls behind Sur la Table all the way down to Soft Surroundings? It is a creation by Matin Alavi and Haley Spradlin. "Oklahoma's Barite Mystery" is designed to inspire wonder and curiosity for the natural world while bringing a vibrant jolt of color and composition to Classen Curve. 

As the official state rock of Oklahoma since 1968, the allure and intrigue of the "rose rock" can even be found written within our state's legislation. While the earliest inhabitants of the area must have surely puzzled over the curious flower-like shapes and possible origins, current ones continue to do the same. Geologists today have made little progress to understanding why this mineral - known as barite - can be found here so abundantly and in this rare rosette form. While the Permian-aged sandstones that yield these small mineral formations can be found distributed worldwide, it is only here in the Garber formation - whose bedrock also happens to comprise the major groundwater aquifer of central Oklahoma - that the barite roses can be found in large numbers.